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Poplar is one of the most important species in the hardwood production for the wood industry. As the demand is growing, a lot of research is done in the field of selection and breeding methods of poplar clones. Sylva has been growing poplars for years and follows all recent developments on the poplar market. We always try to offer a wide variety of poplar clones, taking into account the rate of growth and the poplars resistance to diseases.

Energy from biomass production is gaining in importance. Besides valorising certain organic waste streams, biomass can also be produced especially for energy production, for example with short rotation crops, where fastgrowing species like willow and poplar are planted at a high density. Once they are planted, they can be harvested several times above ground in a multi-annual cycle. Consequently self-reliance in fuel can be achieved. As far as plant spacing and density is concerned, different systems can be used, but generally speaking 1 hectare of short rotation coppice equalizes an annual production of about 5000 litres of fuel oil. Sylva offers different kinds of fast-growing poplar clones especially selected for biomass production. We function as your supplier of cuttings for establishing your poplar plantation. Different clones with a very high growth potential are available. Ask our advice. We can support and help you with the construction of your energy plantation.

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