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Forest & hedging plants

Sylva nurseries is specialized in the production of all kinds of trees and shrubs for the landscaping and afforestation industry. Over 100 different varieties are produced and sown out in the nursery. Because all species, except poplar, are grown from seed, a lot of attention is payed to the quality and origin of the seeds. To ensure the genetic quality of our basic material, we harvest or buy seeds with European recommended origins for forestry. For the local customers we provide different indigenous and autochthonous origins. For this purpose we harvest ourselves seeds in seed orchards of the ANB (the Belgian Forest and Nature Agency) and other approved seed stands in Belgium.

Sylva produces different kinds of conifers. The origin of the basic material is also here very important. Pseudotsuga menziesii, Larix decidua and Picea abies are some of the most important varieties of our production. Besides that, a lot of other varieties are being produced. Contact us for more information.

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