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SYLVA tree nursery can boast a rich historical background. The VAN HULLE family has been active in the field of forest tree cultivation in Flanders since 1750.
The company at Waarschoot was founded in 1936 by Remi Van Hulle and his wife Paula Coppens and the original surface area covered about 2 hectares.

Needing more space, the company moved to 't Hand 10 in 1958. By then the agricultural area was extended with 12 hectares and a large part of the staff was working in the Walloon provinces for the lay-out and maintenance of forests.
Meanwhile, the export opportunities for forest shrubbery were investigated more intensively, which, in 1960 finally lead to the nursery’s first export, particularly to our neighbour country France.

With the transfer of the parental company to the sons in 1972, a private limited company was founded: SYLVA Ltd.

In 2003, another change of generations took place: Bram and Tim Van Hulle entered the company, carrying on the 7th generation “Van Hulle”.

Today SYLVA nurseries covers about 80 hectares and apart from 20 permanent employees, it engages also 20 seasonal workers. Our production reaches about 20 million forest plants per year, as for instance Fagus, Quercus, Fraxinus, Castanea, Corylus… and 80% of the turnover is allocated to all European countries and some chosen countries beyond Europe.

The success of our tree nursery is based on some important trump cards, which guarantee the quality of the material:

- the genetic quality of the basic material
- the light sandy and fertile soil
- the skilled method of cultivating
- the excellent grading
- the freshness of the plants
- years of experience and know-how

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